2016 Nov Progressive Networking Dinner
Album Description:
This popular annual dinner was held on November 28, 2016 at the Millennium Buffalo
 [Created: Dec 1st, 2016]  [Last Modified: Dec 4th, 2016]

2016 Season Kickoff Cocktail Party
Album Description:
BNSME opened the 2016-2017 program season with a kickoff cocktail networking party at New York Beer Project on September 12, 2016
 [Created: Oct 2nd, 2016]  [Last Modified: Oct 2nd, 2016]

2016 CEO Roundtable
Album Description:
Annual CEO Roundtable at the Westin Buffalo on September 26, 2016
 [Created: Sep 28th, 2016]  [Last Modified: Sep 28th, 2016]

2016 Golf Outing
Album Description:
21st Annual Golf Outing to support Junior Achievement of WNY on Monday, June 20, 2016 at the Orchard Park Country Club. Title Sponsor: Shatter I.T.
 [Created: Jul 6th, 2016]  [Last Modified: Jul 7th, 2016]

2016 Feb 29 Awards Gala
Album Description:
Executive of the Year and Elite Sales & Marketing Awards Gala featuring Frank Downing Jr., president of Towne Automotive Group
 [Created: Jun 13th, 2016]  [Last Modified: Jun 13th, 2016]

2016 May 23 Installation
Album Description:
BNSME installed the 2016-2017 Board of Directors at the annual Installation Dinner at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on May 23, 2016.  Also at this event, BNSME inducted Francine Brooks, president, FB Displays & Designs, Inc. to the Hall of Fame.  Mitch Flynn, founder of the Ride for Roswell was the keynote speaker.
 [Created: May 24th, 2016]  [Last Modified: May 24th, 2016]

2015 03-02 Awards Gala
Album Description:
BNSME annual Executive of the Year and Elite Sales & Marketing Awards Gala was held on Monday, March 2, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo and featured our 2014 Executive of the Year, Rocco Termini, president, Signature Development LLC.
 [Created: Mar 17th, 2015]  [Last Modified: Mar 18th, 2015]

2014 03-03 Awards Gala
Album Description:
The 2013 Executive of the Year and Elite Sales & Marketing Awards gala took place on Monday, March 3, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo.  Althea E. Luehrsen, executive director of Leadership Buffalo, was honored as the 2013 Executive of the Year along with twelve Elite Sales & Marketing Awardees.
 [Created: Mar 7th, 2014]  [Last Modified: Mar 7th, 2014]

2013-CEO Roundtable Sept 30
Album Description:
CEO Roundtable featuring Randy Clark, DunnTire, LLC; Frank Downing, Jr., Towne Automotive Group; Ray Miranda, Miranda Holdings, Inc./ Tim Horton's franchisee; Mike Newman, NOCO
September 30, 2013
Salvatore's Italian Gardens
Moderator: Maryalice Demler, WGRZ-TV Channel 2
 [Created: Oct 6th, 2013]  [Last Modified: Oct 6th, 2013]

2013-Awards Gala March 4
Album Description:
On March 4, 2013, the Buffalo Niagara Sales & Marketing Executives honored Russell J. Salvatore, president & CEO of Russell's Steaks, Chops & More and Salvatore's Grand Hotel, with our 2012 Executive of the Year award.  We also honored twelve Elite Sales & Marketing Award winners at our annual gala at Salvatore's Italian Gardens.
 [Created: Mar 7th, 2013]  [Last Modified: Mar 7th, 2013]

2012 Entrepalooza
Album Description:
2012 Entrepalooza featuring Keith McFarland, author of The Breakthrough Company at the Buffalo Niagara Convention  Center on May 10, 2012
 [Created: Nov 24th, 2012]  [Last Modified: Nov 24th, 2012]

2012-May Monthly Dinner
Album Description:
2012 May 21 Annual Installation Dinner at Templeton Landing
 [Created: Nov 24th, 2012]  [Last Modified: Nov 24th, 2012]

2012-November Monthly Dinner
Album Description:

2012 November 19 monthly dinner: Speed Networking - Cocktails & Connections

 [Created: Nov 24th, 2012]  [Last Modified: Nov 24th, 2012]

2012-September CEO Roundtable
Album Description:
September CEO Roundtable
 [Created: Nov 24th, 2012]  [Last Modified: Nov 24th, 2012]

2012-Awards Gala March 5th
Album Description:
On March 5, 2012, BNSME held our annual awads gala at Salvatore's Italian Gardens.  BNSME honored Dr. Donald Trump, president & CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, with our 2011 Executive of the Year award along with ten Elite Sales & Marketing Award winners. 
 [Created: Mar 8th, 2012]  [Last Modified: Mar 12th, 2012]

2011 Entrepalooza
Album Description:
BNSME, UB CELAA and the Partnership hosted Entrepalooza 2011, a business festival, at the Seneca Niagara Casino on May 26, 2011 with featured speakers Christophe Morin, SalesBrain and Craig Hickman, The Oz Principle.
 [Created: Oct 10th, 2011]  [Last Modified: Oct 10th, 2011]

2011-May Monthly Dinner
Album Description:
BNSME annual Installation dinner featured speaker Gregg Lederman, Brand Integrity on May 23, 2011
 [Created: Oct 10th, 2011]  [Last Modified: Oct 10th, 2011]

2011-April Monthly Dinner
Album Description:
The Gecko, The Cavemen and the VP Who Invented Them presented by Ted Ward, GEICO, at the Millennium Hotel on April 25, 2011
 [Created: Oct 10th, 2011]  [Last Modified: Oct 10th, 2011]

2011-March Monthly Dinner
Album Description:

Our March monthly dinner meeting featured a great presentation on leadership by Larry Mietus, Founder of Speaking of Strategy, at the Millennium Hotel.

 [Created: Mar 28th, 2011]  [Last Modified: Mar 28th, 2011]

2011-Awards Gala March 7th
Album Description:
BNSME honored John R. Koelmel, President & CEO, First Niagara Financial Group, with the 2010 Exeutive of the Year Award along with our Elite Sales & Marketing Award Winners at Salvatore's Italian Gardens on March 7, 2011.
 [Created: Mar 10th, 2011]  [Last Modified: Mar 10th, 2011]

2011-January Monthly Dinner
Album Description:
Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool...What KegWorks Has Learned presented by Tom McManus, CEO, KegWorks on January 24, 2011 at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott
 [Created: Feb 20th, 2011]  [Last Modified: Feb 20th, 2011]

2010-November Monthly Dinner
Album Description:

The BNSME monthly dinner on November 22nd featured a tribute to Bob Sommer, member since 1947, and Speed Networking at the Millennium Hotel

 [Created: Dec 6th, 2010]  [Last Modified: Dec 6th, 2010]

2010-October Monthly Dinner
Album Description:
BNSME held their monthly dinner in conjunction with Student Day in the Field at the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum and featured Gary Stottler from General Motors speaking about GM's Fuel Cell Vehicle
 [Created: Nov 2nd, 2010]  [Last Modified: Nov 2nd, 2010]

2010-September CEO Roundtable
Album Description:
2010-2011 Kickoff dinner evnet, the CEO Roundtable, featuring companies that made the Inc. magazine Fastest Growing Companies in America
 [Created: Oct 18th, 2010]  [Last Modified: Oct 18th, 2010]

2010 May Dinner Event
Album Description:

Our May dinner featured Nick Nanton, Esq, co-author of Celebrity Branding You.  BNSME also held their annual member awards and Board of Directors installation at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott.

 [Created: Jul 29th, 2010]  [Last Modified: Jul 29th, 2010]

Entrepalooza 2010
Album Description:
BNSME teamed with the UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Alumni Association (CELAA) and the Buffalo Niagara Partnership to host Entrepalooza 2010 on May 20, 2010 featuring Afterburner.
 [Created: Jul 18th, 2010]  [Last Modified: Jul 18th, 2010]

2009 Executive of the Year and Elite Sales & Marketing Awards Gala 3.1.10
Album Description:
On March 1, 2010, BNSME honored WNY's top achievers in Sales & Marketing at our annual awards gala at Salvatore's Italian Gardens.  Scott Bieler, President of West Herr Automotive Group was awarded with our 2009 Executive of the Year Award.
 [Created: Jun 14th, 2010]  [Last Modified: Jun 14th, 2010]

2010 April Dinner Event
Album Description:
BNSME enjoyed a Night at the Buffalo Museum of Science featuring Mark Mortenson, President & CEO.
 [Created: May 4th, 2010]  [Last Modified: May 4th, 2010]

2009 November Dinner Event
Album Description:
BNSME hosted their 4th annual Speed Networking event at the Millennium Hotel on Monday, November 23, 2009.
 [Created: Nov 24th, 2009]  [Last Modified: Nov 24th, 2009]

2009 October Dinner Event
Album Description:
BNSME presents Greg Downey, Group Director of Entertainment Marketing for Coca-Cola North America and our annual Student Day in the Field at the Millennium Hotel on October 26, 2009
 [Created: Nov 6th, 2009]  [Last Modified: Nov 6th, 2009]

Album Description:
 [Created: Oct 15th, 2014]  [Last Modified: Oct 15th, 2014]

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